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Please be aware membership is associated with the details of the customer checking out!

Full membership of ANAA will entitle the member the opportunity to compete at all ANAA Regional, State, National and International competitions. Full members will be entitled to shoot at all affiliated ANAA clubs and enjoy the opportunities of coaching and development the association provides.

Club Affiliation:
As a forward thinking association we are able to offer our affiliated clubs the opportunity to be truly autonomous. Our clubs can have “Club Only” members which enables the members the opportunity to shoot at their ANAA affiliated club without having to pay full ANAA association membership. Our clubs can grow their membership and not demand that their members join ANAA or any other association. Our club affiliation fee is $100 for up to 50 non ANAA members and $5 per person after 50 non ANAA members. Your club affiliation will allow your club to conduct archery activities at your club including Indoor, Target, Field, Safari and 3D competitions. Camping is also included in our insurance coverage. All accredited ANAA coaches will be covered by our insurance policy.

A fully comprehensive and internationally based coaching program is available to our members and members of an ANAA affiliated club. Our association values coaches and their contribution to the general archery population. Regular coaching courses will be held to accredit coaches, as well as coaching clinics and development days for all our members. We have a three tiered coaching program with Level One, Two and Three coaching accreditation. Full details of these programs are available from our National Coaching Director.